Meet Our Coaches

Nick Richards


Nick Richards has over 15 years of experience within the PT Industry and has served as a PT Instructor at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst training officer cadets, the Royal School Of Artillery in charge of training recruits and the Gurkhas and Royal Engineers as the senior PT Instructor training soldiers for deployment to various theatres including Afghanistan. He is highly qualified and experienced in training and developing PT Instructors and holds numerous qualifications in PT, coaching and instructing. Nick is an advanced Level 3 Personal Trainer and Gym Manager and has assessing and teaching qualifications. Nick is a business partner and co-owner of the company and heads up all CPD Course design and implementation of training.

Drew Blofeld

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Drew Blofeld spent 8 years serving in the Army as a Royal Engineer. With over 6 year’s experience as an Army Physical training instructor, his career has been dedicated to providing high quality training for soldiers and new recruits preparing them for the physical and mental challenges they will face.

During this time he obtained a wide variety of qualifications, from personal training, strength and conditioning, and sports massage.
Drew has a passion for instructing and focused his enthusiam for fitness on the commercial market, where he has managed boot camps, built up a network of personal training clients and delivered fitness courses, as well providing fitness training for local schools, training sports teams and delivering corporate team building packages.
Drew is passionate and enthusiastic about all areas of fitness and has a passion for coaching and instructing, which is always clear to see when ever he delivers to students. Drew is a business partner and co – owner of Fortitude Fitness and heads up the training delivery aspect of CPD Courses alongside managing Fortitude training centre and all of its activities and classes.