Functional Fitness Classes

Functional Fitness Classes

Fortitude Functional Training offers a whole new approach to other gym & bootcamp classes out there. Our coaches are extremely qualified and experienced ex-military physical training instructors, and will take your workouts to a whole new level.

Our sessions are designed to maximise results for all abilities. Battle ropes, Core Functional Trainers and Rigs are just some of the quality pieces of functional equipment used at our sessions. Combined with expert guidance and a friendly and non- intimidating environment, you can be sure that you will have all the tools you need to transform your body and achieve your goals.


Fortitude Functional HIIT

Fortitude Fitness has designed the only HIIT instructors course and delivers it to PT’s around the world. When it comes to HIIT training our instructors do it best. Take part in some of the best and toughest high intensity sessions. These classes cater for all fitness abilities and are the best way to increase your fitness, promote lean muscle (tone) and lose weight. HIIT training increases your metabolic rate for up to 24hrs after a session meaning your body is burning FAT up to when you are ready to come back and do it all over again!

Fortitude Strength Training

These sessions are for those who are serious about fitness and want to improve their technical ability, increase strength and performance. These are pre booked sessions with a maximum of 6 clients to one instructor. There’s no hiding! Take advantage of our periodised training programme to ensure your smashing your PB’s which are recorded every 6, 8 and 12 weeks to personalise your goals.

Classes cover the following:-

Fundamentals of functional training. Functional movement screening, covering variants of squats and deadlifts, Olympic lifting, power lifting and gymnastic movements.

Rehab & Developmental Training

It doesn’t matter how fit you are or how technically sound you are, the chances are at some stage we all get a niggle or get injured. This can have a huge impact on your training both mentally and physically. We recognise this, and Fortitude have dedicated this class to clients who have been injured or are returning from an injury. The class is broken into upper and lower limb circuits. You will work on core stability, posture, balance and proprioception. These classes will help you through the rehabilitation process, giving you your confidence back, your injuries fixed, and you returning to full time training.

DSC_0446 Rick Squat 1250

“I have trained with Drew for over 2 years now and been a member with Fortitude for 14 months. In that time, I have never had a boring training session but I have exceeded my expectations of just getting a bit fitter.

I have learnt new skills and techniques and had a lot of fun along the way. I would recommend Fortitude fitness to all of my friends and family because as long as you are willing to put the effort in, the will provide the expertise and equipment to make sure your goals are met”

Member: Rick Lutman