Why Train with Fortitude

The reason we differ from the ‘normal’ stereotypical gyms or training centres, is that we run each and every session for you.  Our training centres are not an ‘open gym’ so you know that every session that we take is structured, planned and implemented by extremely experienced coaches that will cater for your needs and give you quality training.

Our classes are capped at 15 people and run by 2 instructors, giving you almost one to one training, which is not only safe, but means that you are being constantly coached and encouraged through your workouts.  This will make a massive difference to your training output and ultimately, your fitness.

We do not allow any new users to join into the classes until we have functionally screened our new members for an hour.  This firstly ensures it is safe for you to perform complex exercises and movements, but secondly, to ensure you are confident to join in, and we are confident that you have no potential injuries.

We have a fantastic array of members, from 50 plus year old females, to young male athletes.  All our members train together in a friendly atmosphere, and train together because we scale each exercise so that it caters for all abilities.


“I’ve been a member of Fortitude Fitness for one year. My experince has been absolutely brilliant. The coaches really know their stuff, are very knowledgable and run various sessions tailored to suit the needs of everyone in the class. There is a wide range of equipment to use. I personally enjoy HIIT. The coaches keep me really motivated and their approach to coaching is more personal than any offer gym, bootcamp I have experienced and I would always recommend Fortitude Fitness”

Member: Sharn